Raising the Bar

Once you’ve completed the applicable steps under Gaining Momentum, this final section provides the most comprehensive approach your organization can follow to establish positive mental health.

Utilizing a common framework, your business will establish and maintain processes that ensure your workplace mental health programs (developed at the Gaining Momentum stage) will be sustainable, and continually improve. Through the framework, these efforts can be aligned with your other management systems – following the “Plan, Do, Check, Act” philosophy – and allow you to incorporate The National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace (“the National Standard”) into your action-planning process.

Your action steps may include:

  • Conduct gap analyses, and reviews of existing programs.

  • Establish processes to conduct hazard and risk assessments.

  • Implement continual improvement cycles, creating a management system.

  • Conduct audits.

  • Perform management reviews of the mental health management system.

  • Create and integrate a sustainable mental health strategy into all business objectives.

  • Continually improve how you manage mental health and your mental health program performance.

  • Become a mental health champion in your workplace, your community, and your industry.

You may also find this link useful in implementing the National Standard. 

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