Mental Health & Agriculture

The Most Important Asset on a Farm is the Farmer

Farmers are well aware of why health and safety is important on the farm, and now more than ever, farmers know that this includes mental health and safety. Farming is demanding on the best of days, and when our mental health isn’t prioritized, simple every day chores become challenging and stressful tasks. Farming requires hard working and resilient people, but this reslience can take its toll. Today’s farmers and the broader agriculture communitiy recognizes just how important it is to Think Mental Health.

This page has been created specifically for the agriculture industry and is intended to connect farmers and community members to strategically picked resources.

If you are in crisis, or know of any person who may be in danger, call 9-1-1 or visit your local Crisis Center as soon as possible.

Check Out These Resources From Leading Partners in Agriculture: 

Simple Ways to Help Your Farming Community:

  • Break the silence
    Let others know mental health is not a taboo subject.

  • Take breaks
    Remember to take time for yourself, even just a coffee break.

  • Educate others
    We fear what we don’t understand. Share knowledge that helps break down stereotypes.

  • Listen
    Be available to family, friends and workers struggling with mental health issues.

  • Watch your language
    Discourage disparaging remarks and labels. Encourage respect of all.


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