Getting Started

Congratulations on your interest in creating a workplace mental health program!

At this early stage, the goals are to open communication, and establish a foundation you can build upon later. This will entail beginning some informed and meaningful conversations with your staff around the topics of mental illness and workplace mental health. These early awareness sessions and discussions will make it clear that it’s safe to talk about mental health in your company, promote positive health actions, and begin reducing the stigma associated with psychological disorders.

Here are some action steps to consider

  • Share the videos on this site and others.

  • Identify champions – individuals who have lived with mental health issues, and are willing to share their stories.

  • Provide education on any mental health benefits you offer (such as an Employee and Family Assistance Program).

  • Incorporate wellness checks into the agendas of team meetings.

  • Develop a vision/policy statement to reflect your commitment to providing a psychologically safe and healthy workplace.

You’ll increase awareness of the importance of mental health, highlight negative work-related factors that can diminish mental health, and promote those factors that can augment good health. These actions will begin to support individuals in need, and assist you in aligning services (whether internal or external) to help them.

Use the top search bar to find resources on this website that support these steps. Contact us if you can’t locate what you’re looking for in the database.

Gaining Momentum
When you've completed these actions, consider proceeding to Gaining Momentum, to further develop your Workplace Mental Health program.
Gaining Momentum


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