Gaining Momentum

“Gaining momentum” is about building on the foundation established in Getting Started.

Now, you can begin to focus on developing programs and activities that support positive mental health within your business.

Your workplace mental health program needs will be partly determined by how you organize work and manage staff. So, a clear understanding of these factors, and the demographics of your workforce, will be defined at this stage.

Your action steps may include:

  • Provide in-depth education on workplace mental health.

  • Conduct employee surveys, focus groups, and interviews to help determine program requirements.

  • Use this website’s tools and resources to create manager/supervisor toolkits, better equipping them to manage staff. Topics could include emotional intelligence, coaching skills, communications skills, and conflict resolution.

  • Collect data with respect to organizational performance, such as absenteeism rates, turnover rates, incident reports, and benefits utilization (such as an Employee and Family Assistance Program).

  • With a focus on promoting positive mental health, review job requirements with staff and management to ensure proper  job fit and accommodation planning when needed. Look for ways to reduce stressful situations, increase autonomy where appropriate, decrease isolation, add additional positive job performance opportunities, and improve two-way communication.

  • Source and allocate resources to support workplace mental health needs.

  • Conduct an organizational review of all policies, programs and practices. Organizational review results will assist in development of workplace mental health programs.

Use the top search bar to find resources on this website that support these steps. Contact us if you can’t locate what you’re looking for in the database.

Raising the Bar
Then when you’re ready for your next challenge, proceed to Raising the Bar.
Raising the Bar


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