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May 2017

Contributing Factors

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Contributing Factors Is the workplace a factor in developing mental health problems? Both physical and mental health are affected by a large number of factors including: Age and gender Genetics Personal history (past trauma, learned coping mechanisms) Environment (air and water quality, exposure to toxins) Drugs (prescription, over-the-counter, illegal) Lifestyle (diet, physical activity, sleep, [...]

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March 2021

Mental Health & Agriculture

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Mental Health & Agriculture The Most Important Asset on a Farm is the Farmer Farmers are well aware of why health and safety is important on the farm, and now more than ever, farmers know that this includes mental health and safety. Farming is demanding on the best of days, and when [...]

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May 2017

Watch More Videos

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Watch More Videos Below are more videos on mental health awareness and stigma reduction. These videos were created by Gamifi Inc., courtesy of the City of Ottawa’s Innovation Pilot Program. 1 Mental Health Awareness 2 Role of Stress 3.1 Understanding Mental [...]

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Watch Videos 2

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Watch Videos Below are videos about the 13 Workplace Factors. Intro Organizational Culture Psychological Demands Clear Leadership and Expectations Psychological and Social Support Growth and Development [...]

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Watch Videos

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Watch Videos The 'have THAT talk' videos below are courtesy of Ottawa Public Health. We hope you’ll find them informative and share them with co-workers. Consider using one or more to initiate a lunch & learn discussion! How to Talk About Mental Health Reducing Stigma [...]

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Provide Resources

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Provide Resources This website houses resource materials to help you and your staff learn more about workplace mental health, and build a proactive program. Use the search bar on the right, or at the top of every page, to search the resources database. Here are some example keywords you may want to [...]

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Gaining Momentum

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Gaining Momentum “Gaining momentum” is about building on the foundation established in Getting Started. Now, you can begin to focus on developing programs and activities that support positive mental health within your business. Your workplace mental health program needs will be partly determined by how you organize work and manage staff. So, a clear [...]

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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions About Investing in a Workplace Mental Health Program Click on any section to see details: Create a Critical Event Response Plan The focus of this website is prevention. If you’re having an immediate crisis, click the orange CRISIS button at the top of the page [...]

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Why Care?

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Why Care? Why Should You Care and Invest in Workplace Mental Health? There are numerous reasons: Regardless of the industry you’re in, your staff are essential to the success and sustainability of your organization. Taking steps to protect such a fundamental asset is a crucial business strategy. Consider these statistics: [...]

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Getting Started

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Getting Started Congratulations on your interest in creating a workplace mental health program! At this early stage, the goals are to open communication, and establish a foundation you can build upon later. This will entail beginning some informed and meaningful conversations with your staff around the topics of mental illness and workplace mental [...]

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