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May 2017

Watch More Videos

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Watch More Videos Below are more videos on mental health awareness and stigma reduction. These videos were created by Gamifi Inc., courtesy of the City of Ottawa’s Innovation Pilot Program. 1 Mental Health Awareness 2 Role of Stress 3.1 Understanding Mental [...]

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Watch Videos 2

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Watch Videos Below are videos about the 13 Workplace Factors. Intro Organizational Culture Psychological Demands Clear Leadership and Expectations Psychological and Social Support Growth and Development [...]

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Begin Conversation

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Begin Conversation Begin the Conversation to Build Awareness and Reduce Stigma It's not uncommon to hear negative comments about co-workers: “Keep your distance – she’s nuts.” “It’s like he has a dark cloud above him all day long.“ “I think they both have a screw loose.” “She’s so moody!” As a society, we’re [...]

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Watch Videos

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Watch Videos The 'have THAT talk' videos below are courtesy of Ottawa Public Health. We hope you’ll find them informative and share them with co-workers. Consider using one or more to initiate a lunch & learn discussion! How to Talk About Mental Health Reducing Stigma [...]

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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions About Investing in a Workplace Mental Health Program Click on any section to see details: Create a Critical Event Response Plan The focus of this website is prevention. If you’re having an immediate crisis, click the orange CRISIS button at the top of the page [...]

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Getting Started

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Getting Started Congratulations on your interest in creating a workplace mental health program! At this early stage, the goals are to open communication, and establish a foundation you can build upon later. This will entail beginning some informed and meaningful conversations with your staff around the topics of mental illness and workplace mental [...]

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Our Goals & Partners

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Our Goals ThinkMentalHealth.ca has been developed by Ontario’s health and safety system partners, to provide informative and actionable mental health resources, with the goal of helping you create a psychologically safe and healthy workplace. This site provides access to reputable and tested tools, models and frameworks. The tools found on this site have been reviewed to [...]

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April 2017


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ThinkMentalHealth.ca is a joint effort from Ontario Health and Safety System Partners to provide workplaces with the resources needed to better understand mental health and prevent mental harm. This site provides access to reputable and tested tools, models and frameworks. The tools found on the database have been reviewed to ensure they provide sound and practical [...]

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Our database includes resources for staff and management on the prevention, intervention and accommodation of mental health problems in the workplace.

Have That Talk

Learn about how we can promote positive mental health
Format: video

Mental Health First Aid

Training course designed to help members of the public identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illness.
Format: other

Elephant in the Room Awareness Campaign

Elephant in the Room is a national anti-stigma campaign designed to address the stigma associated with mental Illness.
Format: pdf

Mental Health Works

Mental Health Awareness Training
Format: other

Mental Health in the Workplace:Organizational Factors and Res...

Info Poster regarding Mental Health
Format: pdf

Mental Health Info Graphics Poster

Facts and Figures on Mental health Info Graphic
Format: pdf

Tips to Holding Mental Health Lunch and Learn Sessions

8 tips for helping to make lunch and learn sessions more successful
Format: other

Not Myself Today

Promotional Program to encourage mental health discussion, cost associated with this program
Format: pdf

Framework to Help Eliminate Stigma

Eliminating stigma while increasing mental health awareness can support people to seek help sooner, recover faster and maintain productivity.
Format: other

Working Through It Video Series

A video-based resource featuring employees with mental health pressures talking about how they coped, and what they did to reclaim well-being
Format: video

Working Through It Weekly Emails Subscription Service

Online resource to receive free weekly emails that include links to a Working Through It video or document that can be forwarded to staff to increase mental health awa...
Format: other